Renovation of 2723 Monroe St. – Update #1

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2723 Monroe Street

On Monday, August 16, The Mather Company closed on 2723 Monroe St. Since that Monday afternoon we have been working almost non stop renovating this house. We thought it would be neat if we provided some updates along with the way, including pictures, so that you can get a taste of what the renovation process looks like! In this post we’ll give you a brief run down of the house, what we’re planning to do with it, and show you some BEFORE pictures.

This  house is located in the popular Shandon neighborhood. The home is 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom; very similar to what you find in the Shandon area. Overall, the main thing this house needed was some good ole TLC. As you can tell from the following pictures, this house had not been kept up! (As you can see in the picture, the yard must not have been cut in 2 years!)

Our main goals with this house are to:

  1. Paint the inside
  2. Update the kitchen: tile the floors, new appliances, custom cabinets with granite countertops
  3. Repair the fireplace; tile it, and new mantle
  4. Fix up the bathroom; clean it up, installing a new toilet and a new cabinet/sink
  5. Move the laundry area from the kitchen to the hallway, by expanding the closet in the hallway to house the washer and dryer
  6. Lots of landscaping!!!

Of course there will be other odds and ends that we’ll do or need to be taken care of, but those are the main things we’re going to be focusing on.

You may have realized this, but August 16 was well over a week ago. So as you can imagine, we have actually already accomplished a lot with this house! So be sure to keep an eye out for update #2 which will show some of the things we’ve already done! Also, visit our facebook page to see more pictures if you’d like:

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