Information For Landlords

Columbia SC Real Estate - Property Management

Our property management division offers licensed and knowledgeable property managers that are knowledgeable of the complexities of the overall property financing process. We manage a wide variety of properties, including single family units, duplexes and condominiums.

We will take care of:

  • Inspecting properties prior to the agreement being signed, make maintenance suggestions and oversee the needed repairs
  • Perform neighborhood analysis and determine appropriate rental rates and tenant charges
  • If your house sits vacant, we commit to enter the property once a week which reduces the risk of break-ins/squatters/damage
  • Accept all phone calls from prospective and current renters
  • Personal showings of your property. Allowing strangers and prospective tenants to tour available properties alone is dangerous and creates exposure to landlord’s property and valuables
  • Weekly traffic reports with information on when your property was toured and the result of the tour
  • Take photos and video of your property to be used in our sophisticated network of proactive marketing and advertising
  • Professional and attention grabbing signage
  • We keep owners up to date on market trends and how they affect the value of your real estate investment
  • Intricate process for securing qualified tenants for your property. Screening prospective renters, including credit, background checks, and income and landlord reference verification.
  • Document management including preparation of leases
  • Orientation with tenant includes: detailed lease review, emergency repairs, rules and covenants, check out procedures, damage deposit return policy, carpet cleaning, landscaping responsibilities, pets, identify breaker box and water shut off valves, sprinkler system
  • Conduct a pre-occupancy walkthrough with tenant, with a complete inventory check list of any damage
  • Collection of monthly rent payments and disbursement of funds
  • Security/Pet Deposit management
  • Monthly financial statements and year end 1-9 and tax documents
  • 24 hour emergency maintenance services
  • Management of property repairs, emergency and scheduled maintenance.
  • Quarterly Preventive Maintenance program which includes inspection of property and routine repairs to maintain upkeep of HVACs, gutters, smoke detectors, plumbing, etc
  • Handling evictions

Landlords can enjoy the long term benefits of renting their property without all the time consuming work involved!

If you have interest in using us to manage your properties, or have more questions, then please contact us by contacting our Property Manager Pam Effler by emailing Pam@MatherPropertyManagement or calling 803-400-1878.