Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Real Estate Questions by the Sellers

  1. Why shouldn’t I price my house a little high, since I can always drop the price later?
  2. Why should I choose The Mather Company to sell my home?
  3. How often will you contact me over the course of my listing?
  4. How do you advertise my house?
  5. Will you advertise my house on the Internet?
  6. What do I need to do before my house is listed to make sure I get the maximum price?
  7. What happens when a potential buyer wants to look at my house?
  8. What happens when we have a contract to buy our house?
  9. ow long will it take to sell my house?

Question 1: Why shouldn’t I price my house a little high, since I can always drop the price later?

That’s a strategy that sounds good – but, in fact, is more likely to result in a lower price. Here’s why. The first few weeks a house is on the market is when it will have the most activity. If a house is overpriced, it has to compete with houses at that higher price level, which are almost certainly larger or have newer/more luxurious features.

So the overpriced home is unlikely to attract an offer. Worse yet, those first weeks are when real estate agents preview the house. If it’s overpriced, they may not even bother to show it to their buyers. Eventually, the seller will have to drop the price – and may end up with an even lower price because buyers will wonder why the house has been on the market so long and may factor that into their offer.


Question 2: Why should I choose The Mather Company to sell my home?

The Mather Company professionals know the Columbia market. We understand the importance of responding to client’s needs quickly and efficiently, using the most accurate, up-to-date information available. Every member of The Mather Company team is dependable, attentive to the smallest detail… and experienced in creative problem solving. We excel at bringing buyers and sellers together successfully.

The Mather Company goes beyond these essential elements. At The Mather Company, there is a strong belief that relationships with clients must be based on trust… that respect and communication must be a part of every transaction. These are the intangibles that have earned the company its very special reputation.

Sales associates at The Mather Company are well-informed men and women. We are highly-trained and backed by an experienced management team that shares Our commitment to services.

Our team members all have extensive information about neighborhoods, schools, recreation, churches and shopping. From listing to showing to closing a home, we are active participants who know how to make the right things happen. Membership in a computerized Multiple Listing Service ensures that necessary information about the marketplace is available at a moment’s notice.

Whether working with Columbians moving from one neighborhood to another or with families moving into or out of the Midlands, The Mather Company professionals serve the client well. Every time. In every way.


Question 3: How often will The Mather Company contact me over the course of my listing?

Communication is a number-one priority for The Mather Company. Your sales associate will call or email you – your choice – at least once a week with a progress report.


Question 4: How does The Mather Company advertise my home?

Your home will also be marketed using a proven, strategically strong combination of media including the Internet, newspapers, flyers, and brochures, to fully expose the property to a wide audience of home buyers who are actively looking.


Question 5: Will The Mather Company advertise my house on the Internet?

Yes! Statistics show that 70% of prospective homebuyers begin their search on the Internet. We will advertise your home on:

  • …Plus hundreds of relocation sites nationally and hundreds of local broker sites via broker reciprocity agreements.


Question 6:What do I need to do before my house is listed to make sure I get my top price?

With buyers, the first impression counts tremendously! A small investment of time and money will generate financial rewards and give your home a positive edge over other listings when it comes time to show it.

Review the following ideas and see what you can do with just a little effort that might help attract a buyer sooner at your asking price.

Curb Appeal

  • Cut lawn
  • Trim shrubs and lawns
  • Keep well watered
  • Weed and edge gardens
  • Pick up any litter
  • Clear walk and driveway of leaves, toys, etc
  • Repair gutters and eaves

General Maintenance

  • Paint and repair as needed – inside and out
  • Oil squeaky doors
  • Tighten doorknobs
  • Replace burned-out lights
  • Clean and repair windows
  • Touch up chipped paint
  • Repair leaking taps and toilets

Clean and Tidy

  • Keep interior neat and presentable at all times
  • Shampoo carpets
  • Clean washer, dryer and tubs
  • Clean refrigerator and stove
  • Clean and freshen bathrooms
  • Organize kitchen cabinets and closets so they look clean and spacious

First Impressions

  • Clean and tidy entrance
  • Functional doorbell
  • Polish door hardware and outdoor lights
  • Paint/clean front door
  • Add flowers to the porch

Question 7: What happens when a potential buyer wants to look at my house?

The following is a checklist of proven tips to help make your home very appealing to the buyer and create what is called “the buying atmosphere.”

  • Be absent, if possible, when your property is being shown
  • Open shades, draperies, and all interior doors except closets
  • Turn on all interior lights, whether it is day or night
  • Have ceiling fans on at low speed
  • Keep pets outdoors/in garage
  • Put money and other valuables in a safe place
  • Enhance the beauty of your house with fresh flowers
  • Hang your best towels
  • Do other similar things that maximize appeal


8. What happens when we have a contract to buy our house?

Once your house is under contract, Your associate will give you a list of things that you will need to do to be prepared for closing day (turn off utilities, etc.).


Question 9: How long will it take to sell my house?

In a normal market the average time before a house is sold is three to six months. However, that time frame can be shorter or longer depending on what the housing market is doing. If you list your home with The Mather Company, we guarantee you will have a hardworking agent who will get your house the maximum exposure possible, and do whatever it takes to get your home sold.


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