Information For ‘For Sale By Owners’

Helpful Real Estate Information for a For Sale By Owner

Being in Real Estate we understand why some people would rather sell their house by themselves than list their home with a Realtor. Everyone has different circumstances and different needs. However, selling a home by yourself can be hard, time consuming, frustrating, and can sometimes end up costing you more than it would have been listed with a Realtor. In the links below, we would like to show you several reasons how it would be advantageous to list your house through The Mather Company. That being said, if after viewing the different pages you still wish to sell your house by yourself, then please know that we wish you the best of luck selling your home on your own, and hope that you receive a quick sale. We do ask you though to hold onto our information, just in case you decide that you would like to talk to a professional Realtor in the future.

If you would like to print a packet containing the above resources, please click this link.

If you would like The Mather Company to assist you, please contact us any time.

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