Home Warranties and Preventative Maintenance

What You Need to Know About Home Warranties and Preventative Maintenance

Home warranties state that “general maintenance and cleaning” are the responsibility of the homeowner. By performing routine preventive maintenance and cleaning, you will be able to receive the full benefits of your warranty should you need repair. Here are a few tips that you need to know on maintaining your home’s warranty:

Air Conditioning & Heating Maintenance

  • Air conditioning and heating units should be serviced at least twice a year.
  • Spring and fall seasons are the prime time for checking your units.
  • Cleaning ensures maximum performance from your units.

Plumbing Maintenance

  • Water heaters should be flushed and refilled once a year. Flushing the water heater prevents rust, which is caused by sediment buildup.

Appliance Maintenance

  • Clothes dryers should be cleaned at least once a year. Watch for lint buildup around your heating elements. This is the number one cause for house fires!
  • Refrigerators – the condenser coil should be cleaned once a year.
  • The self-cleaning portion of the stove should only be used once or twice a year could result in the flooding of your home.
  • Do not run the washing machines when you are not home. If the valve does not properly close

Home Inspection Tips

  • Have a carbon monoxide test done on your gas furnace at the time of inspection. If your inspector does not include a carbon monoxide test or an in-depth look at the heat exchange, have it checked out by a licensed HVAC contractor blockages or leaks.
  • Run several water faucets at the same time during inspection to ensure water flows freely without.
  • Run the dishwasher and washing machine one full cycle to ensure the seals are tight with no leaks and the drain line is unclogged.

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