Advice on Buying Your First Home

Some Advice on Buying Your First Home

Let me assist you and determine your wishes and dreams – not only for the first home, but also for those in the future.

Get pre-qualified/pre-approved so you will know the range of homes you qualify for ahead of time and can avoid unnecessary frustration.

Start the home-buying process early and understand the parameters of your current lease (the amount of notice you must give) and back out lead times to ensure you allow enough time for the process.

Recognize that in most cases, you probably won’t get everything you want in a first home. Make prudent decisions to maximize appreciation, which will help you make that dream house a reality in the future.

Be sure the heat/AC systems, roof and structure are in good shape so you can concentrate on cosmetic improvements where you will obtain a better return on your investment.

Challenge yourself to keep an open mind about the type of home you purchase. Condo vs. single family home – look at the different available options and don’t discount one over the other (e.g. “I wouldn’t live in an attached home.”).The reality is the appreciation of the attached home may be greater and may help you reach the goal of the dream home faster.

Make sure the home has a warranty. A first-time homebuyer doesn’t need surprises. If a warranty is not provided, buy one.

Consult an accountant to determine the tax implications of home buying. Once you have a better idea of what is deductible (points, interest, etc.), it may improve the affordability of the home.

Know the history of the area you are considering.

Look at documents, history and need for any special assessment in the neighborhood.

Please let us know if you have any questions or if we can assist with any of the above information.

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