Hiring Real Estate Agents

Contact Charlie Mather if you are interested in finding out more details about being a real estate agent at The Mather Company. Charlie can be reached at (803) 400-1880 or Charlie@CharlieMather.com.

The Benefits of Being a Real Estate Agent at The Mather Company

  1. The company has prime location on Devine Street with over 20,000 drive by’s a day. You will get multiple opportunities throughout the year for your name and phone number to be featured outside the office.
  2. The company will provide you with multiple leads throughout the year.
  3. True commission splits. We don’t take out additional processing or franchise fees from your commissions.
  4. We charge you absolutely NO (as in ZERO) fees! No desk fees, printer fees, color copy fees, marketing fees, etc. The only things you will be responsible for is your MLS and Realtor dues.
  5. 24 hour Broker in-charge assistance
  6. Administrative assistance during company business hours
  7. Tech support during company business hours
  8. A professional photographer is available to take pictures of each of your listings, free of charge to you and your clients
  9. We will create a virtual tour of your listing, using the professional photographs, complete with music, and will make it available on CD and online, free of charge to you and your clients
  10. Your listings will receive exposure on the front page of our company website. Each listing also will have its own unique page on the website, which will include a description, pictures, the virtual tour, and your contact information
  11. You will have a personal page on our website which will include agent’s picture, contact information and listings
  12. iPads are available for you to borrow to assist you in listing presentations
  13. A designer is available to design flyers, brochures, signs, etc
  14. Company will provide agents with name riders
  15. Unlimited, AND FREE, access to office supplies and printer
  16. Free 24/7 access to internet, computers, phones and private offices/boardrooms
  17. Opportunity for new agents to shadow experienced agents

Why Should I Be A Real Estate Agent?

  • Be Your Own Boss! As an Independent Contractor you retain control over your own schedule and number of hours and days worked, jobs accepted, and the performance of your job.
  • Minimal Training Time Required for Licensure! Unlike many other professions, a License to practice Real Estate in the State of South Carolina can be obtained within a matter of weeks.
  • Make Your Own Schedule! Flexible hours and work days to accommodate you and/or your fam-ily’s needs.
  • The SATISFACTION of knowing that you assisted someone in achieving the “American Dream” of home ownership.

What Does it Take to Become a Real Estate Agent?

Start a New Career by Getting Your South Carolina Real Estate License
Real estate licenses in South Carolina are issued and regulated by the South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation. The department is responsible for ensuring that the steps are completed before a South Carolina real estate license is issued. The department also monitors the completion of required continuing education and other requirements for license renewal.

Pre-Licensing Course
South Carolina requires that all real estate license applicants complete a pre-licensing exam course. The course must be at least 60 hours long and is only valid when taken from an approved school. The purpose of the course is to prepare the student for the licensing exam. Courses are often offered outside of normal work hours, though students should expect to have to study outside of the classroom.

PSI Exam
The company PSI currently holds the contract to give the real estate license exam in South Carolina. hence the nickname “PSI exam.” The exam is composed of two parts. One is specific to South Carolina real estate laws and the other is a general real estate section. The pre-licensing course will cover all of the information that will be on the exam. Many schools offer a practice exam so students can be sure they are ready to take the PSI exam.

Provisional License
Once the applicant passes the PSI exam, she is issued a provisional real estate license. With a provisional license, the applicant is considered a real estate agent. However, the agent must find a real estate broker to work with until his license is upgraded. A “broker in charge” is not the same as a broker. The broker in charge is a person charged with overseeing provisional licensees.

Salesperson License
A provisional license is only valid for one year. During that time, the agent is expected to upgrade her license to a salesperson license. To do so, 30 hours of post-licensing education from an approved school is required. There is no minimum waiting period before pursuing the 30-hour requirement; some agents will take the additional courses immediately after passing the PSI exam.

License Renewal
Salesperson licenses must be renewed every two years. The South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation requires renewal of licenses in every even-numbered year. To qualify, agents must have taken a minimum of eight hours of continuing education from an approved school. The exception to this is the first time a real estate agent renews his license, when the 30 hours of continuing education for the upgrade to a salesperson license will satisfy the requirement.

Are You Military?
MyCAA Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts can provide up to $4,000 of Financial Assistance for military spouses. For more information, visit this link.

Where Can I Take My Classes?

The following are three schools located in Columbia, SC that are accredited Real Estate schools:

  1. South Carolina Real Estate School for Success
    Phone: (803) 807-9152
    288 Saint Andrews Road Columbia, Columbia, SC 29210
    A Veterans & “MyCAA” accredited Training Program (Visit this link for more information)
    Enter Promo Code “MATHER” for 15% OFF
  2. Real Estate School of South Carolina
    Phone : (803) 791-3800
    101 Medical Circle Drive, West Columbia, SC 29169 (across from Lexington Medical Center)
    A Veterans & “MyCAA” accredited Training Program (Visit this link for more information)
  3. Midlands Technical College
    Phone: (803) 732-0432

Contact Charlie Mather if you are interested in finding out more details about being a real estate agent at The Mather Company. Charlie can be reached at (803) 400-1880 or Charlie@CharlieMather.com. You can also contact Charlie by filling out the following form:

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